Miracle Vegan Mother

My Mother was a very devoted Catholic.

When I was 8 or 9 years old, I got an eye infection and was treated by several doctors and specialists without success.  I was already getting to the point where I could permanently lose my eyesight. My Family was looking for the best eye specialist in the country. Days before traveling to see this specialist, we went to the Cathedral in my home city. My mother very fervently asked Saint Lucy to intercede before Christ to cure my eyes. She lit a candle and, together, we prayed.

We left the church and, while walking back home, we passed by a pharmacy. A technician that was my Father’s Friend asked my Mother what had happened to my eyes.  She then told him about problem that I was having and about going to see the specialist.  He asked my Mother, “Would you mind trying some drops that I have here?”  She agreed and then he dropped two (2) drops each in both of my eyes.

The next day, in the morning, my Mother dropped another dose (2 drops) in each of my eyes. Miraculously, my eyes returned to normal and my Family cancelled the trip to the specialist. My Mother immediately requested a special Thanksgiving Mass to celebrate the Miracle.

For about twenty (20) years, my Mother did not eat meat and never told me until the twenty (20) years passed that this was because she had made a Promise to God in return for my eyes being cured.

What to say?