The Difference

What Makes Maccabeus Different?

Gregg McDonald is the Managing Partner and Founder of Maccabeus LLC. Gregg is a former 20-year Industry Engineering Executive having worked for Carborundum, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, and PolyOne. He has 10+ years of Executive Recruiting experience as a Global Managing Partner with Russell Reynolds and Heidrick & Struggles; including working with both public and private Clients in AutoMobility, Chemicals, Energy, Consumer, and Technology.

Gregg brings deep search experience serving a wide variety of clients; including Fortune 500, Small-, Mid-, and Large-Cap Public and Private Companies. He has also helped build Leadership Teams in multiple sectors; including Automotive, Transportation, Retail, Hospitality, Consulting, Industrial, Technology, Operations, Associations, Robotics, Telecommunications, Metals, Plastics, Chemicals, Private Equity, Venture Capital (SPAC), and Energy.

Gregg has led multiple Global AutoMobility Practices and has been a member of the Digital Transformation Practice where he helped Companies find digital leaders to transform their businesses in such technologies as Smart Grid, Connected Vehicles, Mobility as a Service, and the Internet of Things. He has broad expertise in the overall Automotive Sector where he has helped build Leadership Teams for a variety of Clients; including OEMs, Suppliers, Dealers, Retailers, and Services Providers.

Gregg received his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the State University of New York in Buffalo.

Contact Info:

Gregg McDonald
Managing Partner and Founder
Maccabeus LLC
3132 Heybridge Lane
Milton, GA 30004
+1 (770) 557-4458

Maccabeus LLC brings a unique approach to search. We leverage a “blue-collar” approach to what can seem mostly to be a “white-collar” end-result. Built upon Judaeo-Christian Principles, Maccabeus puts Clients and Executive Candidates ahead of the Firm. By utilizing a “player-coach”, “servant leadership” approach and process, we become personally-invested in both our search work, as well as in our overall relationships with Clients, Executives, etc.

Maccabeus knows first-hand what it’s like to be on a product launch, to process chemicals, assemblies, and tires, to participate in design reviews, to meet affordable business targets and quarterly business deadlines, etc., because we’ve “been there and done that”. By complementing that working knowledge across all functions and industries with the expertise of Top 5 Search Firm experience and relationships, Maccabeus is exceptionally different in experience, approach, and results.


The highest integrity is key to all that we do at Maccabeus. We report first and foremost to God and then to our Clients and Executive Candidates. We are 100% transparent in our approach on all fronts. We tell everyone what we know and don’t try to “force” deals to take place. We fundamentally Trust that, if we are Faithful in working as hard as possible on our parts, that the outcomes that are meant to happen will…


Maccabeus leverages the “1.5-3 Principle”. Clients and Candidates should expect to meet each other within 1.5-3 weeks of starting a search project. Clients should also expect to complete searches with Maccabeus within 1.5 – 3 months. While our “shock-and-awe” approach in the market is industry leading, we continue to run “through the finish line” continuing to bring more Candidates to the Client throughout the process…

Low Cost

We don’t believe in any hidden or indirect costs. Clients pay Maccabeus a fixed fee for an Executive search project. The fee is divided into a working retainer on the front end of the search (billed in multiple installments) to support our efforts in the market on Clients’ behalf(s). There are no surprises here…


Maccabeus believes in our Firm and our process. We will continue to work on the search as long as it takes and will replace Executives should something change on the Client’s end(s) for up to the replacement terms needed by our Clients…

Executive Recruiting Redefined