What Do Clients Say About Us?

“When I reflect upon my work with Gregg, a few words come to mind – high integrity, results-oriented, performance driven, relatable, intelligent, and transparent.”

Ned Linnen, EVP/CHRO, Avis Budget Group

“Gregg does a great job of managing expectations throughout the recruiting process for Candidates. He will give you honest feedback on the Candidates impressions and next steps. Gregg recruits very capable candidates that match a Client’s expectations and job specifications but, more importantly, Candidates that will match a Client’s culture to insure they will be a good fit. When it comes time for a formal job offer, Gregg does a great job of providing the Client what the Candidate’s true expectations are in regards to a compensation package. He really does a good job of keeping surprises during an engagement to a minimum.”

John Hanighen, CEO, Cloyes Gears & Products

“Gregg is very Client-focused. He brings incredible expertise, market/industry knowledge, and intuition to each project. Gregg has always provided great insight into the skills, experience, and personality/style of each candidate allowing us to quickly assess them from an organizational fit.”

Senior HR Executive, General Motors

“Gregg is top of the class when it comes to his reach across industry sectors and more importantly his integrity.”

Gary Tucker, f/ CEO, Zubie

“I had the opportunity to work with Gregg regarding two high profile executive searches and the experience was very positive and rewarding. It is my rule that I look at the person, not the company, when looking to undertake high profile hires with consultants. Gregg is extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous and his service mind is second to none. I highly recommend him without reproach. I look forward to working with Gregg in the future.”

James Rim, General Counsel, Mobis NA

“Gregg is a big advocate for Executives and keeps them informed about all of the steps in the recruiting process. He is not just interested in placing someone for the position but also in the right fit for the Company, the Executive, and the well-being of the Executive’s Family. The whole process with Gregg goes very smoothly and feels just right from the beginning to the end.”

Dr. Andreas Reger, President, BBB Industries

“I’ve known Gregg since he placed me in a private equity CFO role with Nivel Parts back in 2013.  Though that placement was successful for all parties, it isn’t what strikes me most forcefully when I think about Gregg.  It’s his integrity and honesty.   Those qualities enable Gregg to build long lasting relationships because people trust him.  His business is transactional but Gregg’s success is a result of the network of relationships that he has built based on his personal attributes.”

Bill Williams, f/ Chief Financial Officer, Nivel Parts and Manufacturing

“I’ve worked with several retained search firms before.  When we retained Gregg for a senior executive search in the highly competitive robotics and computer vision space, we were tremendously impressed.  He brought superb candidates, listened closely to feedback, and acted immediately on it, was diligent, quick, empathetic, and highly professional.  I’d be delighted to work with Gregg again.”

Patrick Sobalvarro, Co-Founder/CEO, Veo

“Gregg has been a trusted professional in my inner circle for the past decade. During my time as a C-Level Executive at Berkshire, as an entrepreneur, and within my private equity and venture capital holdings, Gregg has been an advisor and brilliant connector of world class talent. I love that no assignment is too small or too big for Gregg, and he always puts integrity and confidentiality above all.”

Vic Keller, f/ C-Suite, Berkshire Hathaway

“Gregg is one of the best Executive Recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with over the years. His industry knowledge, attention to detail, and expertise is unmatched. Beyond that, Gregg’s integrity and caring character simply makes Gregg a special person.”

Ron Frey, f/ Chief Strategy, CDK & AutoNation

“I have had the privilege of working with Gregg for many years and he brings a passion for global talent and a customized approach that truly brings the best solution to the opportunity.”

CEO, $15B+ Private Equity Industrial Portfolio Co

“Gregg is truly an honest person. He listens, he understands, and he only wants what makes sense for all parties. Not a good fit? Better to know it now than to find out later and he’s true to that regardless of potential conflict of interest or alternative incentives. Gregg is very organized. He runs a tight tight ship and he expects a lot from his Clients and his prospects. He raises the bar on everyone’s engagement in the recruiting experience. Not responding to feedback requests or not being flexible on scheduling? He’s in our grill; making our Team make it a priority. In today’s world – we may not like it at the time but we like the results.”

Jed Hunter, CEO, Allegiance Trucks

“Gregg is extremely knowledgeable in his field and connected throughout the industry. He looks out for his clients to align on the best strategic and cultural fit.”

Gregg Nierenberg, CEO, Transervice Logistics

“Gregg was a pleasure to work with during my CFO placement with Bain Capital in the automotive services industry. He was the consummate professional who methodically worked through all aspects of the complex opportunity. He was efficient, diligent, professional, trustworthy, and purposeful in helping both sides understand and move through many difficult issues. His follow-up, communications, and control of a complicated national recruiting process was masterful. I recommend Gregg, without reservation, and look for to working with again in the future.”

Todd Hauser, Chief Legal Compliance Officer, K2 Partnering Solutions

“I have worked with all the top tier recruiting firms through my career, both for myself and as a CEO looking for key C-Suite additions. I can honestly say working with Gregg McDonald has been both most efficient and effective delivering exemplary results. I have worked with Gregg on my most recent placement and subsequently a CFO search in the middle of COVID. A very challenging search that resulted in finding the perfect candidate who was able to immediately engage in the business and then help to take the business through a tremendously successful sales process. A huge win all around. Gregg’s work ethic, commitment, and effective communication make him the best I have had the pleasure to work with and I will definitely use him in the future.”

Frank Kneller, f/ CEO, Sun Auto

“Strong character, unyielding integrity, and sincere care is exhibited in all communications with Gregg. His intelligence ranges fully from understanding his customer’s needs, both spoken and unspoken, to social/emotional intelligence to filter through Candidates to expedite the search process. Gregg provides calmness while maintaining intensity to find solutions that work for the long term.”

John Bohenick, f/ CEO, Dayco Products

“Gregg’s knowledge and diligence to bring excellent candidates is phenomenal. He listens intently and is focused on delivering the best candidates as quickly as possible. His knowledge in multiple sectors and functions is also extremely valuable.”

Melinda Rombold, f/ CHRO, SAE Group

“Gregg has always been a great partner to me when searching for just the right candidate. His thoroughness to understand the role, network to develop it, and vetting ensure I interview qualified and cultural fit candidates. I will continue to leverage Gregg as we expand our recruiting needs in this rapidly evolving market.”

Larry Dominique, CEO, Alfa Romeo NA

“I’ve known and worked with Gregg for over 10 years. He is an expert in the transportation / automotive space and maintains a deep network of Industry leadership. Gregg is a consummate professional and always available for and responsive to advice, counsel, and ensuring the right fit between candidates and companies in this space.”

Bill Peffer, CEO, Maserati NA

“Gregg’s authenticity and character are attributes not easily found; his focus on delivering for his clients is best in class. I have complete trust that Gregg is working on my best interests, not because it’s his job but for the genuine pleasure he gets from helping people achieve success.”

Sam Richardson, CEO, Identity Group

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