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Supply Chain and Operations

Supply chains, distribution, and manufacturing operations go hand-in-hand. You just can’t have one without the other. In recent decades, the global supply chain and manufacturing explosion has impacted all nations around the world. Former producers are now current consumers with products and services being distributed around the globe. Today’s Executives often need to have a well-rounded understanding of this new operating footprint – whether they are focused on making or providing things and/or services and/or if they are distributing them.

As supply chain management and related has evolved, so too has the scope of areas that it often manages for corporations. This can include planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and logistics, and returns. Chief Supply Chain Officers and Chief Procurement Officers have to collaborate with Chief Operations Officers in order to effectively optimize a businesses performance and, the more global a business is, the more complicated things can get – which directly impacts the hiring and talent management needs of Clients.

As industries are evolving into each other (e.g. digital into automotive), the ambidexterity of Executives is critical and Maccabeus is seeing a “cross-pollenization” of talent moving from one industry to another (with many referring to Alan Mulally’s hiring as the CEO of Ford Motor Co from Boeing as a great example of this). And, even more change is expected.

Source: Deloitte, Deloitte Insights, Putting Digital at the Heart of Strategy

According to Deloitte, the digital transformation has 76% of CEOs expecting that they’re “business will change significantly over the next five years than it did during the five years before the [COVID] pandemic.” And, those same CEOs are switching between industries four (4) times as much due to the “blurring of skills” (according to a recent article from MarketWatch). As an example, eight (8) of twenty (20) of the largest global sports leagues have cross-industry CEOs.

Companies need to be able to adapt – and, to be able to do so quickly. By being focused yet nimble, global businesses are doing their best to keep up with the ever evolving global supply chain and manufacturing changes. According to Hitachi Solutions, there are many factors impacting global manufacturing; including employee safety, the internet of things (IoT), predictive maintenance, shifting focus from B2B to B2C, COVID-19, new approaches to ERP, big data, touchless service models, 3D printing, re-evaluations of shoring and sourcing, and uncertainty in the job market. Just focusing on the digital transformation’s impact on manufacturing, we see that 31% of production processes are using smart devices and embedded intelligence and 34% of manufacturers are saying that IoT is being incorporated even further into operations (e.g. Industry 5.0) – with 32% of those same manufacturers planning to embed IoT into their actual products.

Source: Hitachi Solutions, 11 Trends That Will Dominate Manufacturing

Maccabeus is fundamentally built on industrially-focused manufacturers and service providers, as well us upon their subsequent supply chains and logistics and distribution providers. It’s just core to who we are. By leveraging our keen expertise in this area, Clients are able to locate, attract, hire, and retain top Supply Chain and Operations Executives across a myriad of industries – whether staying within the same industry vertical or moving in/out of another industry vertical.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

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