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“One of the best Executive Recruiters I have ever worked with; industry knowledge, attention to detail, and expertise are unmatched; high integrity and caring character make Gregg special.”
Ron Frey, f/ Chief Strategy, CDK & AutoNation

Sales, Marketing, and Strategy

While operations are the means for delivering to customers, sales, marketing, and strategy are the lifelines for a business. Without sales, marketing, and strategy, a company cannot be successful even if they can make and/or deliver the highest-quality products with the shortest lead times and the lowest prices. is a global powerhouse when it comes to sales enablement, management, and strategy; as well as how to accurately and effectively market commercial efforts accordingly. Their insights focus primarily on customer expectations.

Source:, State of Sales Report

By aligning the Sales and Marketing Executives with the Corporate Development and Strategy Executives, top Commercial and Strategic talent is enabled to over-deliver to the business. This is because they are empowered, adaptable to dynamic customer needs, have the resources they need, and are exceptionally cross-collaborative. But, if SMS Executives don’t see that alignment, they quickly move into the lower performing ranks. This is why it’s critical to recruit the best talent up-front while allowing them to limit their excessive administrative tasks which keeps them from “face-time” (and response time) with clients and customers and aligning and executing upon the strategies and corresponding marketing initiatives.

Source:, State of Sales Report

Maccabeus has a robust, long-standing history in the Sales, Marketing, and Strategy functions and understands from a Client’s perspective of the criticality of strong Executive recruiting in these areas. As they are all strongly related to one another, Maccabeus looks to ensure that Executives that they recruit for Clients in this space are not only exceptional at what they do, but that they’re also highly-collaborative and sensitive to the needs of each of these functions collectively (and not working in silos).

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