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“Work ethic, commitment, effective communication; the best I have ever worked with.” Frank Kneller, CEO, Greenbrier Equity
“Recruits very capable candidates that match a Client’s culture; keeps surprises to a minimum.” John Hanighen, CEO, Hidden Harbor Capital
“Strong character, unyielding integrity, and sincere care” John Bohenick, CEO, Oaktree Capital Management and Harvest Partners
“A trusted professional in my inner circle; always puts integrity and confidentiality above all.” Vic Keller, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
“Honest, listens, understands, only wants what’s best, organized, runs a tight ship, expects a lot, raises the bar…we like the results.” Jed Hunter, CEO, Axial Reade
“Big Executive advocate, interested in Company, Executive, and Executive’s Family, smooth process, feels just right.” Dr. Andreas Reger, President, BBB Ind, a Genstar Capital Co
“Professional, efficient, diligent, professional, trustworthy, purposeful, follow-up, communications, masterfully controls processes.” Todd Hauser, CFO, Bain Capital
“High integrity and honest, successful network of long lasting relationships built upon trust.” Bill Williams, CFO, Monomoy Capital
“Authentic, character, focus, trust, achieves success.” Sam Richardson, CEO, Ancor Capital

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) Firms are at the core of so much of the international economies of scale. Both PE and VC activity across all three (3) forums (investing, exits, fund-raising) continues to be very strong providing ample opportunity for continued speculation and growth across multiple markets, sectors, and industries.

The Private Equity (PE) activity in 2020 rebounded sharply after the initial sting of the COVID crisis as reported by Bain and Company. Deal counts, exit counts, and funds raised have all risen sharply heading into 2021 as seen in the charts below.

Source: Bain and Company, Global Private Equity Report

Venture Capital (VC) trends have continued to surface with the number of “mega-deals” increasing strongly. According to Exploding Topics, there are four (4) important VC trends emerging; in addition to the increase in “mega-deals”, equity crowd-funding is growing in the “start-up” arena, VC has started a large migration to other parts of the U.S. and the world, and many VCs are “cashing-out”. As 2020 and 2021 have seen a record number of IPOs and SPAC transactions, there is just a ton of activity to be considered overall

Source: Exploding Topics, 4 Important VC Trends

The PE and VC world is “different” and the Executives needed to work in all functions within this “world” are also “different”. Maccabeus has a robust, long-standing history in working across all functions across the board within the PE and VC “world” and has a solid understanding of what it takes for and Executive to succeed in this forum.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

“Understanding is the sure and clear knowledge of some invisible thing.”

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