“The Passion of the Christ” (2004) – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
“Flywheel” (2003) – doing the “right” thing in business on a used car sales lot
“Facing the Giants” (2006) – a David vs. Goliath Faith journey set around football
“Fireproof” (2008) – saving a marriage from divorce
“Courageous” (2011) – being a better Father set around police officers
“War Room” (2015) – a woman is mentored to pray strategically with the Lord
“What If” (2010) – kind of a “It’s a Wonderful Life” journey to a business exec
“Heaven is for Real” (2014) – a young Boy meets Jesus and lives to tell about it
“Do You Believe?” (2015) – stranger’s Faith journeys come together one incredible night
“Unconditional” (2012) – the power of forgiveness in the inner city
“Old Fashioned” (2014) – the chivalrous approach to a new relationship
“Soul Surfer” (2011) – a comeback story after a shark attack
“The Bible” Miniseries (2013) – the Bible told from Genesis to Jesus & the Apostle’s persecution (10 parts)
“Christmas with a Capital C” (2010) – the true meaning of Christmas in rural Alaska
“The Encounter” (2010) – stranded strangers at a diner get a night with Jesus
“To Save a Life” (2010) – a popular teen’s Faith journey after a tragedy
“New Hope” (2012) – a small-town story of redemption set around basketball
“Grace Card” (2010) – police partners Grace journey around tragedy
“October Baby” (2011) – a failed-abortion, adopted girl’s journey to find her birth-Mom
“Home Run” (2013) – a recovering alcoholic’s Faith journey set around baseball
“Woodlawn” (2015) – racial tension grace set around football
“Abel’s Field” (2012) – the power of Grace set in a small-town high school
“God’s Not Dead” (2014) & “God’s Not Dead 2” (2016) – witnessing God in academia
“Mom’s Night Out” (2014) – silly movie of what happens when Moms go out leaving the Kids with Dad
“Christmas Lodge” (2011) – restoring an old lodge and finding new love in the process
“The Way” (2010) –  the Camino de Santiago traditional pilgrimage of St. James done by a grieving Father
“The Nativity Story” (2006) – the immaculate conception and birth of Jesus Christ
“Hacksaw Ridge” (2016) – a soldier refuses to fight in WWII, but serves openly as a battlefield medic
“New in Town” (2009) – a female Exec finds love and Faith in a small, Midwest town