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“Gregg’s knowledge and diligence to bring excellent candidates is phenomenal. He listens intently and is focused on delivering the best candidates as quickly as possible. His knowledge in multiple sectors and functions is also extremely valuable.”
Melinda Rombold, CHRO, SAE Group
“The search experience with Gregg is very positive and rewarding. He is extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. His service mind is second to none. I highly recommend him without reproach and look forward to working with him in the future.”
James Rim, General Counsel, Mobis NA
“A consummate professional who methodically works all aspects of complex projects, efficient, diligent, professional, trustworthy, purposeful, follow-up, communications, and control of complicated national recruiting processes is masterful.”
Todd Hauser, Chief Legal Compliance Officer, K2 Partnering Solutions

Legal and Government Affairs

In today’s highly-regulated environment, it is critical to have the best legal and government affairs talent available to companies – both internally and externally. The cost of doing business is driven significantly by legal matters, governmental authority and regulation, etc., so a proactive engagement on both fronts to limit corporate liability while protecting the rights of both employees and customers is absolutely crucial to any business’ success.

A litigation cost survey of major companies by Lawyers for Civil Justice, Civil Justice Reform, and the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, found that the average total litigation costs for both outside and in-house counsel increased from roughly $67M to almost $115M per year from 2000 through 2008. And, this trend has continued well into 2020 and beyond, as well.

Source: U.S. Courts.Gov, Litigation Cost Survey of Major Companies

Navigating the legal waters associated with the corporate world is challenging to say the least. While it is hard to see all of the rocks in the river, great, experienced Legal Executive talent has garnered a wisdom for predicting some of the potential pitfalls, as well as for preparing an organization and its Leadership accordingly.

Having great Government Affairs Executives is also key on this front – especially as lawmakers in Washington D.C., State Assemblies, and beyond continue to charter the U.S.’s path forward into the future. This is also true globally – both for U.S.-headquartered companies, as well as internationally-headquartered companies. Individual countries and regions can have radically-different laws, regulations, etc., so it is essential that a company retains Government Affairs Leadership, as well as has the foresight to supplement that internal talent with external resources (e.g. consultants, lobbyists, associations, etc.). One of the keys in Governmental Affairs per McKinsey and Company is clarifying the scope and structure of the function while working to orchestrate activities across a business. By understanding “who” a company is and “where” it needs to go, Maccabeus is then able to help our Clients build Executive talent and accountability.

Source: McKinsey and Company, McKinsey Quarterly, Organizing the Government Affairs Function for Impact

By leveraging a strong foundation in both the Legal and Government Affairs functions, Maccabeus is able to work as a trusted advisor to our Clients to help them to identify, attract, and retain top Executive talent in both areas. By proactively developing a talent plan on the front end (including identifying gaps and corresponding talent needs), Maccabeus is able to assist our Clients in both legal and governmental affairs preparedness around the globe.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

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