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Human Resources

It’s been said many times that a company is only as good as its people – it’s human capital. While this sort of a generalization, the impacts of strong leadership across organization cannot be understated – from the Executive ranks to the entry-levels. Human resources (HR) has an impact on all of it, but also so much more of it. Compensation, employee benefits, environmental health and safety (EHS), talent management, recruiting, internal communications, and diversity and inclusion are just some of the key competencies that are demanded of HR leadership; and, have “Genesis-ed” new HR leadership roles beyond the CHRO’s office – including Chief People Officers and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officers. This expansion of HR Leadership roles and responsibilities has globally spawned a re-evaluation of both current and future organizational needs – especially in a digitally-enabled workforce.

According to the Harvard Business Review, there are several key competency gaps between top HR Leaders and the rest of the pack; including establishing stretch goals, solving problems and analyzing solutions, developing strategic perspectives, and connecting with the outside world.

Source: Harvard Business Review, What Separates Great HR Leaders from the Rest?

While these four (4) areas may seem relatively-obvious to many, finding HR Executive talent that truly leverages all of these competencies is challenging. Some companies routinely develop these in the HR function, but many do not. It is key that Clients understand where the top HR talent develops and resides and how that Executive may or may not benefit their organizational efforts.

Clients need HR Leaders who have unparalleled character with a dynamic personality who knows how the innovate with developing their own competencies and the overall functional capabilities of all employees – both in the Executive ranks and through to entry-level employees. Through a robust, results-oriented approach, HR Leaders need to be able to take the initiative to overreach to stretch objectives while balancing that tenacity with exceptional internal and external stakeholder relationship development. HR Leaders need to inspirationally lead others by their own example championing the change that is constantly being thrust upon world-class companies.

Maccabeus knows great HR Leadership and how to complement that knowledge to bridge the talent gap for our Clients. As the HR Executive relationship is critical to the executive recruiting process, Maccabeus is especially adept in this function – we have to be.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

Source: Harvard Business Review, What Separates Great HR Leaders from the Rest?

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