Faith, Prayer, & COVID

I live in the Northeast U.S. and was watching, like the rest of the world, as the COVID crisis unfolded around me. While I never directly-knew anyone who had gotten it, as a middle-aged, healthy business traveler who exercised somewhat regularly, I never thought I would get it. But, I did and I wanted to share how I recently survived a serious battle with COVID-19; which would include 28 days of hospitalization along with needing to be on a ventilator while my kidneys failed and my body was fighting blood clots…

When I was born, my birth was a bit premature which left me with underdeveloped lungs.  The lungs would leave me a bit winded at times, but had never been a major issue for me (and, I was in my 50’s and in great shape).  I didn’t think that my lungs would ever put me at risk.  That was until after dinner one evening in March of 2020.  I began to notice that I was very weak and was starting to get some chills while developing a temperature of around 99° Fahrenheit.  I waited a bit to see how I felt until, but, a few days later, my fever hit over 103° Fahrenheit.  I got to an urgent care site nearby and they sent me to a local hospital where I tested positive for acute coronavirus.  I was scared, so I texted my Wife and let her know.  I would eventually get sent home to “quarantine” for a couple of weeks while keeping close contact with my Doctors.

We were at our condo less than a week later and I woke up from sleep.  I couldn’t breathe.  It was so bad that I had to call my Wife who was just next door to me.  She rushed me to the hospital which was under 10 minutes away.  I would be in the hospital for a stretch worried if I would ever see my Kids again.  I would come close to death several times during my hospitalization.  The doctors and nurses that saved my life said that I was the only one to survive of the 50+ patients in their hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) at the time.

Now, I have been a man of Faith my whole life.  I was brought-up by a Catholic Deacon and a very Faithful Mom.  They both leaned on their Faith to guide them through the many hardships in their lives.  I know that I am alive today for two reasons; the hundreds of Prayers from Family and Friends around the world (especially my amazing Wife and Children) and the incredible talent and dedication of the Nurses and Doctors that helped me.  I Believe that, through their Prayers, God worked a Miracle in me through the hands and love of the Medical Staff.  They never gave-up on me.

Now, so many wonderful things have come from my Illness.  Some of those that helped me found Faith, Facility Members not speaking to each other came back together, and some of our Friends and Family Prayed for the first time in years.  I know that I am Blessed to be alive and I intend to tell my story and share the Power of Prayer with as many people as I can in the remaining days that God has Blessed me with on His great Earth!