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“Tremendously impressive.” Patrick Sobalvarro, Co-Founder/CEO, Veo Robotics
“The best I have worked with.” Frank Kneller, f/ CEO, Sun Auto Tire and Service
“Keeps surprises minimal.” John Hanighen, CEO, Cloyes
“Strong character, unyielding integrity, sincere care.” John Bohenick, f/ CEO, Dayco
“Passion for global talent, best solution.” CEO, $15B+ Private Equity Industrial Port Co
“Great partner to me.” Larry Dominique, CEO, Alpha Romeo NA
“Honest, listens, understands, raises the bar.” Jed Hunter, CEO, Allegiance Trucks
“Deep leadership network.” Bill Peffer, CEO, Maserati NA
“Extremely knowledgeable and connected.” Gregg Nierenberg, CEO, Transervice
“Authenticity, character, trust, best in class.” Sam Richardson, CEO, Identity Group

CEO and Board

Companies are a direct reflection of their Executive Leadership; and, this is most important when it comes to the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. From a shareholder and investor perspective, hiring the “right” CEOs and Board Directors is absolutely critical when it comes to the overall return on investment from the human capital perspective. While finding the best Executives to champion companies from the top can be a very challenging and arduous process, it is a journey that needs to be taken with a great deal of insight, patience, and fortitude. Businesses must bring a clarity to what are the essentials for their CEOs, as well as the corresponding Board Directors – especially as it relates to the Board Chair.

According to McKinsey and Company, there are six elements that CEO’s there are six elements that require specific mindsets that can substantially differentiate what constitutes excellence emanating from the CEOs office. The elements (corporate strategy, Board engagement, organizational alignment, external stakeholders, team and processes, and personal working norms) must be approached with a focus on beating the odds, managing performance and health, putting dynamics ahead of mechanics, helping Board Directors to help the business, centering on the long-term “why”, and doing what only the CEO can do. By focusing on both the short-term and the long-term strategies and related objectives while keeping a key focus on the people who collaboratively will deliver on those objectives, excellent CEOs need to be able to ambidextrously move and adjust in an ever dynamic environment.

Source: McKinsey and Co, The Mindsets and Practices of Excellent CEOs

McKinsey and Company goes on to highlight that there are four essentials for a CEO to consider when building a stronger Board of Directors (see image); broadening the scope of the Board, deepening its commitment, clarifying responsibilities, and creating trust. While these are all very important, it is equally important to bring the right balance of diverse industry and life experiences to the Board of Directors in terms of relative Executive Talent; especially as it relates to complementing the corporate culture and the CEO.

Source: McKinsey and Co, McKinsey Quarterly, The CEO Guide to Boards

Finding the right CEO and Board Executives takes a tenacity to see through the surface of experiences and to look into the intangibles behind who a leader really is as a person. Maccabeus LLC is committed to and has a strong track record of recruiting and placing to CEO’s and Board Directors and Chairs across a diverse landscape of industries.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

CEOs and Board Members must adapt to the rapidly advancing and ever changing digital workplace that transcends time zones and industries

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