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Australia / New Zealand

Whether recruiting in O&G in Perth, AutoMobility in Port Melbourne or Geeland, Agriculture in New Zealand, or Metals and Mining in Western Australia, Queensland, or New South Wales, Maccabeus understands ANZ from the inside-out.

Most people see Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) as relatively-autonomous countries on their own in the southern hemisphere separating the Indian from the Pacific Ocean. Many see both through the lens of a few cities (e.g. Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch, Perth) that are scattered about very wild, rugged, and radically-different terrains that are narrowly-dispersed and minimally populated. But that’s not Australia and New Zealand at all and Maccabeus understands that from the inside-out having worked in Australia and New Zealand for almost 30 years.

Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and is considered by many to be the oldest, flattest, and driest inhabited continent with the least fertile soils. Australia is subdivided into six (6) States (New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), South Australia (SA), Tasmania (TAS), Victoria (VIC) and Western Australia (WA)) and three (3) Territories (the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the Northern Territory (NT), and the Jervis Bay Territory (JBT). New Zealand is the sixth-largest country by area and is split between the North Island, the South Island, and seven-hundred (700) smaller islands. Given the “all” island environment in New Zealand, the climate is predominately temperate maritime where conditions vary sharply across the country (e.g. Wellington, the wettest city in New Zealand receives twice the annual rainfall of Christchurch, the driest city in New Zealand). New Zealand is subdivided into sixty-seven (67) Territorial Authorities and eleven (11) Regional Councils. Each of ANZ’s Cities, States, Territories, and Regions are very distinct and quite unique in many regards. Recruiting to Sydney, Australia is very different than recruiting to Auckland, New Zealand. It is critically-important for Executives considering roles in one of the Cities, States, Territories, and/or Regions to understand the cultural differences. And it’s even more critical for the Executive Recruiting Firm to get this “right” from the beginning (to avoid hiring “misfires”, search “re-do’s”, etc.).

Maccabeus has been working in Australia and New Zealand for over thirty (30) years for both domestic and international Clients and Companies. Whether recruiting into the Oil & Gas Industry in and around Perth, Western Australia, the AutoMobility Industry in and around Port Melbourne or Geeland, Victoria, the Agricultural Industry across broader New Zealand, and/or the Metals and Mining Industries in or around Western Australia, Queensland, and New South Wales, Maccabeus understands Australia and New Zealand from the inside-out.

Culture, Culture, Culture

Realtors and related real estate investors will regularly talk about the most important decision for making an real estate investment is “location, location, location”. At Maccabeus, we say Executive recruiting comes down to three (3) words, as well – “culture, culture, culture”. Specifically, the culture of the Company (or the Client), the Executive, and the City, State, Region, Territory, etc.

Recruiting, while common in many ways, varies greatly by City, State, Region, Territory, etc.

While it’s true that corporate vs. individual cultural fit is very important, what often gets missed is the “regional cultural fit”. Per the map below, it’s important to remember how widely-dispersed Australia’s and New Zealand’s populations are – as well as the legacy and Genesis of each countries’ Cities, States, Regions, and Territories. The Australian and New Zealander people (a.k.a. Aussies and Kiwis respectively) are some of the hardiest in the world. Anyone who’s lived and/or worked in Australia and/or New Zealand understands full-well how hard-working, tough, and loyal the people in both countries are. Australia and New Zealand are not for the “tepid” Executive – even in the cosmopolitan cities of Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wellington, Perth, Adelaide, and Christchurch.

At Maccabeus, we understand the ANZ Regional differences (for Cities, States, Territories, and Authorities) and how to apply those unique qualities across the cultural aspects of both Companies (Clients) and Executives (and their Families). We have recruited to just about all kinds of geographically-different Regions from very rural, low-population areas to densely-populated city centers and surrounding suburbs. We know the differences across ANZ (both regionally and from an industry perspective) not just from an Executive Recruitment Firm’s perspective, but also as Executives who have considered relocations and/or new career challenges directly for ourselves and our Families. While we have counseled hundreds of Executives to not take an opportunity based on their concerns around cultural differences (based on location and/or the company), our Partners and Staff have also declined offers ourselves as Industry Executives – opportunities that just weren’t the right “fit” for either ourselves and/or our Families. We get it.

Finding the right Executives takes a tenacity to see through the surface of experiences and to look into the intangibles behind who a leader really is as a person. To get to know the companies, clients, Executives, Families, etc. behind the search project. Maccabeus is committed to and has a strong track record of recruiting and placing Executives across a diverse landscape of industries and locations.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you and your Board.

Australia is subdivided into 6 States and 3 Territories while New Zealand is made-up of 67 Territorial Authorities and 11 Regional Councils. Understanding the differences is critical in Executive Search.

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