Appointed Harvesters Ministries / Uganda


Appointed Harvesters Ministries is a Ministry for Jesus Christ in the Kyotera District in Uganda. We spread the Good News of the Gospel throughout Uganda via Outreach Missions and a variety of Spiritual Conferences focused on Children, Youth, and Pastors and their Spouses


  • Organizing Outreach Reach Missions every year. The Theme for these Outreach Missions comes from
    Matthew 28:18-19, which says, “Jesus came to them and said: I have been given all authority in Heaven and on Earth! Go to the people of all nations and make them My Disciples. Baptize them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
  • Organizing Youth Conferences every January. We call Youth from different Churches near and far to gather at our Church. We give them food to eat and a place to sleep free of charge. The Theme for this Conference is from Ecclesiastes 12:1, which says, “Keep your Creator in mind while you are young! In years to come, you will be burdened down with troubles and say, ‘I don’t enjoy life anymore.'”
  • Organizing Pastors (and their Spouses) Conferences every September. The Theme of this Conference is from 1 Corinthians 15:58, which says, “My Friends stand firm and don’t be shaken. Always keep busy working for the Lord. You know that everything you do for Him is worthwhile.”
  • Organizing Children Conferences every December. The Theme for this Conference is from Proverbs 5:1-2, which says, “My Son, if you listen closely to My Wisdom and Good Sense, you will have sound judgement, and you will always know the right thing to say.”
  • To visit Schools and Hospitals. At times, we take drinks to sick people found in Hospitals and books and pens to students in schools (but, we take few because our finances are still very low; but, we believe that God will provide).


Our Ministry faces many challenges these days; including:

  • We are in need of some form of transportation (car, truck, SUV, bus, etc.) to travel for Outreach Missions and Door-to-Door-Evangelism.
  • Our Church doesn’t have enough chairs for Conferences, so we often have to rent chairs from outside resources. This also means that we sometimes fail to give our newly-planted Churches chairs (which hurts our hearts (and theirs’) so much).
  • Many of our Pastors are renting places to live which affects our time of Serving the Lord while we all work and have to go and look for the rental money each month.
  • When the time comes for our Outreach Mission Crusades, we have to hire better music speakers, because ours’ are two very old top-speakers that we can’t move very easily.
  • Our Music Ministry is in need of a piano keyboard and a bass guitar.


Moses Truth / Youth Pastor & Christian Music Teacher / /