Child Meets Baby Jesus

Many years ago, I was an expatriated Executive of a big, multinational Food Company and was living in South America with my Family (my Wife and three Children).

One day, the whole Family (as well as my driver and a body guard) were shopping in a mall when my four year old Son fell through a gap in the second floor guard rail to the ground below and landed on his head.  I scooped him up in my arms and literally ran to the hospital across the highway from the mall. I entered the hospital through the back door which, coincidentally, was near the imaging center where the nurses and doctors took him to perform the necessary tests. My other Children stayed with the driver in the waiting room and later stayed with some Family Friends.

The doctors were quite clear that this was a very bad situation and they would do their very best to save his life. One of them was a younger doctor whose Father, Dr. Hakin, had invented an intracranial valve that helps with brain hemorrhages.  Although they found several broken bones in his head, they could not operate on him without draining the blood that he had around his brain.

They installed a kind of tap to be opened when the bleeding put too much pressure on his brain. He was then in a coma for several days…

Our Friends, Colleagues, and Employees were with our Family through the entire process; offering Prayers, gifts, food, and, most importantly, blood.  Our Friends offered to care for our two other Children while Mom & Dad remained at our Son’s bedside.

He was in the coma for another two weeks…

The gifts, the Prayers, and the Saint Statuettes kept coming until his bed at the ICU was like a shrine.  As South Americans are a very warm and friendly people, we never felt alone.  Among the Prayers and the Statuettes was one they call “El Nino Dios” – translated as Christ the Child (a very venerated Statuette in that part of the world).

My Wife and I were Praying and crying for help to God most of our time there; especially so when the alarms went off.  The alarms would signal to the Hospital Staff that the intracranial pressure was too high on our Son’s brain and that the “tap” had to be opened to get the blood out of his brain. What despair… The alarm sounded like a microwave beeping.

However, God came through and answered everyone’s Prayers.  After a long period in a coma, our Son woke up from his coma.  He immediately saw the Christ the Child Statuette in his room and said to us, “I was with this Baby”… My wife, the Children, and all who were present cried in gratitude realizing that he woke up and that Christ the Child had given him back his life.

It was a long recovery during which he grew and became stronger.  But, after this incident, every time that we hear the sound of a microwave beeping, we go crazy with anxiety.  Every day of our lives, we will praise His name and thank Him for giving our Son back to us.

Our Son is now a man and a graduate from Northwestern University (in Marketing and Journalism).  He is a strong and ethical professional in his field. He is a well-rounded and caring individual with a great capacity for love and respect for others.

We will praise you, LORD, all the days of our life!