Executive Recruiting Redefined

Maccabeus LLC is an Executive Recruiting Firm that leverages technology across a variety of industries in order to streamline the recruiting process to accelerate hiring while minimizing costs to our Clients. From Mid-Level Management all the way through the C-Suite and Board of Directors, Maccabeus’ expertise and experience spans all corporate functional areas across the entire Executive landscape with true global scale.

The Maccabeus DifferenceLast Year

Quality: Highest Integrity with Full Transparency; 600+ Exec Intro’s

Speed: “1.5-3” Wks to Candidates/Mos to Completion; 2.1 Wks to Finalist

Low Cost: Fixed Fee, Retainer / No Hidden Fees; 40%< Industry Avg

Guarantee: Placement & Replacement; 100% Fill Rate (0 Issues)

Clients: Unparalleled Network; <$10M-$10B+, Regional/Global, Up to 21K+ Employees

Today’s world has evolved through technology into a blending of many different markets; including Consumer, Industrial, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Financial, Professional Services, and Technology. Maccabeus is leading on the Executive Talent front in this “mash-up” of technology, innovation, and the cross-pollination of various industries that used to be mutually-exclusive to one another.

By working with Maccabeus, Clients and Executives are digitally-enabled to leveraging the power of both industry and executive recruiting experience while working at the speed of a Boutique Executive Search Firm.

Executive Recruiting Redefined